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Google Sniper 3.0

google sniper 3.0 reviewsx -- 2017

Google Panda vis-à-vis Google Sniper 3.0?

If you have been in internet marketing for a while, you’d definitely have heard of the product Google Sniper. It was a viral hit back in the day since the first version rolled out in 2009 and ranked as #1 in the list of Clickbank products and it made the creator, George Brown, a lot of money. Many marketers who adopted the Google Sniper method were able to create sites for keywords, rank them quickly and make affiliate commissions.

It was a successful system until Google started slapping.
With the Panda updates, most of these sites were wiped off the face of the internet and many marketers saw their earnings dry up overnight.

Now, George has released an updated version of Google Sniper to cope with Google’s idiosyncrasies and constant algorithmic updates. The updated Google Sniper has sold thousands of copies and marketers have reported back that the new version is making them money too.

Not to worry! Using the Google Sniper blueprint and also the Bulletproof module… our finished Sniper sites will be extremely “Panda Proof” and protected from any negative aspects of the Google Update.


Even though everything is covered in both the Google Sniper manual and also the new updated Bulletproof module, here are a few major techniques to keep in mind with your Sniping business moving forward:

1. Make Your Sniper Content More Detailed Informative

Google likes informative content. Google likes content with a lot of real, actual value. If you’ve ever looked into the life of a search engine evaluator, you might have come across one of the large documents Google uses to manually rate sites (click here). They’re an interesting read, if you’re into that kind of thing.

The biggest takeaway is that Google has human beings manually review search queries and their results. They rate them on a scale ranging from Vital to Useless. For example, for a query “wiki,” the actual Wikipedia homepage would be a vital result, while a subpage would be lower on the scale, a wiki page would be even lower, and a non-wiki site that talks about Wikipedia is probably even lower.

It all comes down to two factors; relevance and utility. How relevant is the content on your Sniper website to the keyword visitors have searched? It needs to be closely connected to the keyword and answering a specific question, providing specific detailed and helpful information. If it’s not closely related to the keyword search, it’s less useful.

If it’s related to the searched keyword but doesn’t have much of use, it’s regarded as thin or lower quality content which most definitely not what we want.

2. Always Strive for Fresh and Newest Material for your Sniper Site.

Freshness in content isn’t something that’s been relevant to older Google updates, but it came about last year, and it’s made another slow shift likely. It’s a subtle way for Google to tell people “your old content matters less than your new content.”
Google wants to make sure the content it serves to people is not just the best resource, it’s the most up to date resource, so never used poorly rehashed content or websites as references for your own Sniper Site.
Make sure you take the time to find out the latest and most up to date sources, it only takes a little extra effort in these small initial steps to keep your Sniper site safe in the long run!

Google seems to want to overturn older websites and promote and give preference to the best content, even if that content is newer and on a less popular site (making it very possible for new Sniping sites to overtake aged authority sites!!)

3. Never duplicate your niche topics (and obviously not your Sniper content)

Duplicate content is one of the Google’s biggest targets, so the first thing you need to do make sure there is absolutely NO duplication (regardless of it being mentioned throughout the Sniper manual several times, the amount of times I’ve seen people copy and paste content from other websites is unbelievable!). So for now I’m going to assume by now that you’ve removed any instances of outright or accidental duplication!

As the internet gets more and more populated with websites, content in general will start to look less and less original. A side effect of this process will be the broadening of the definition of “duplicate” content.

Writing two different Sniper posts covering the same subject may be costly in the long run, as between them there won’t be anything unique – so it’s extremely beneficial practice to try not “overlap” any of your Sniper content posts over the same subjects for all your new Sniper sites moving forward. So there it is, 3 solid techniques to always implement to make sure your Sniping websites are “Panda Proof” in the long run (the aim of the game is to make them earning passively!).  Make sure you try apply these to all your websites (regardless if they aren’t Sniper websites!) as Google do not discriminate :-)

Here’s the slightly more technical and advance description of Google’s latest update:
The Google Panda updates specifically tweak the algorithm as part of Google’s continual efforts to elevate high-quality sites and web pages to the top of the organic search results while lowering, or penalizing, the rank of lower-quality or “thin’ web sites and pages, particularly those sites that display a large amount of advertising without much in terms of high-quality content aka the more spammy type of websites you often see.

In other words .. “Google Panda is a change to Google‘s search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites”, in particular “content farms”, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.”

Apparently, with google sniper 3.0  the method seems to have been perfected  in the third version vis-à-vis  Panda and Penguin updates from Google
Here’s how the Panda updates are being addressed to ….

So… all hope is not lost. But first let’s see if Google Sniper 3.0 worth your hard earned cash.

Google  Sniper 3.0 Course 2017

  • Master Manual and Process Maps

    — Step-by-Step Blueprint outline of Sniper Site affiliate marketing niche building process
    — niche LSI keyword research tools and domain name selection
    — preselling content creation and Keyword Monetization
    — actual site building with SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) with WordPress Themes and Plugins in about easy to follow 7 videos
    — Affiliate Links and Maximizing Conversions for Clickbank, Amazon and other networks
    — Blueprint outline of Sniper Site  affiliate marketing niche building process for Clickbank, Amazon and other        networks
    — niche LSI keyword research tools and domain name selection
    — preselling content creation
    — WordPress actual site building with SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) in about easy to follow 7 videos

  • 7 Videos

    VIDEO #1: How to Choose What Niche toGo into and a Winning Product
    VIDEO #2: Finding Keywords That Meet The Sniper Criteria
    VIDEO #3: Creating The Foundations of Your Sniper Site
    VIDEO #4: Secrets of a 20% Conversion Rate(How To Make More Money By Preselling)
    VIDEO #5: The Fastest Way To CloakAffiliate Links
    VIDEO #6: How To Create Your Site(Technical Stuff)
    VIDEO #7: How To Get Ranked And Gain Authority in Record Time

  • Bulletproof Sniper System Checklist

    Niche Finding
    Content Creation
    Further Traffic Generation

  • Empire Module

    — To grow single Google Sniper site into a full time income,and a potential income ’empire’ by outsourcing
    — Blueprint for Managing a large porfolio of niche sniper sites thru outsourcing hubs / activities etc
    — Business Development potential “six figure” ideas

  • Sniper X Training & Cash Machine

    — Sharing information with other expert google snipers and their affiliate sites thru webinars
    –Training Videos visa-a-vis Google Algorithmic Changes
    — Additional strategies and techniques to increase conversion, Backlinks and boosting traffic, Advanced Keyword Research and CPA monetization  for your sniper sites ranking FAST – when you may need to build some and HOW to build them

  • Sniper Cash Machine : New in 3.0
    — for benefit of newcomers to affiliate marketing in making a fast buck
    — Social Media Ad Campaigns thru Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
    — Exclusive Sniper Partners Club
  • Rolodex

    — Tools and Resources to setup Web Hosting, Affiliate Networks,  Empire – WOrk Outsourcing Hubs

  • Support

    — Online Support Desk reply to all tickets within 12-24 hours or ealier
    — FAQs & Glossary etc
    — LIVE Sniper X Q&A Coaching Webinars LIVE
    — Case Studies and Reviewing Sniper sites

  • Google Sniper Elite program

    The senior and experienced sniper members will share profitable niche tips and low cost business ideas etc


The Good Points:

1) George has been doing this for a quite a long while since the Version 1.0 came out in 2009  and he is a very successful marketer.

Unlike other similar affiliate marketing systems so called “Push Button Systems” which have come and gone since the GSniper has had good track record over the last 8 years or so and you can find their Google Sniper 3.0 reviews all over the internet.

Google Sniper gives detailed instructions that are easy to understand and apply. The process is explained in a step-by-step manner that will guide even the greenest newbie to internet marketing. it has worked well for tons of snipers sites earning great income off of and has now evolved into the method being perfected in this 3.0 version and now given around 100,000 people successfully using it at the moment and You can find their Google Sniper 3.0 reviews all over the internet.

Back in 2009 ,this is the exact system that made the owner George Brown his first million online when he was only 20!

2) You will learn how to rank your sites for good keywords, how to get content created, backlinking strategies, and much more.

3) The sniping system requires minimal maintenance once it is setup. You will not need to handle customer support, refunds or any such hassle. This is truly a hands-off system… but only after you have set it up correctly.

4) No prior knowledge or experience is required. There is no complex coding or tech skills required. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the guide to the letter.

5) The program actually comes with a $1 trial purchase for 5 days so that you get a feel of the system. This is fantastic because you are only out of pocket for a dollar. If you’re not happy with the product, you can cancel the trial. Most people however, find it so beneficial that they pay the full one-time payment of $47 with a 60 day money back guarantee and stick to the program.

6) 100+ hours of new, updated training, case studies Plus a whole new members area with bi-weekly coaching webinars  to learn new strategies and get your questions answered .. ‘for more information, click here‘  , an online support desk /center  with FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions) and where one can log questions regarding membership or materials and expect reply to all tickets within 24 hours etc..
7) Click here for Training Benefits Review 2017

Sniper Elite Club Membership & Traffic Ultimatum
google sniper 3 elite club traffic 

  • You could also join Google Sniper Elite Program
  • The senior and experienced sniper members will share profitable niche tips and low cost business ideas
  • You can also get your business sites reviewed or go thru Coaching Videos and bi-Weekly Sniper-x  Webinars of others’ sites getting reviewed as well
  • How to start your empire building of porfolio niche sites and marketing management tips from expert pros
  • 20 Videos on Free / Paid Traffic Generation

    Free Traffic Manual

    Video #1 – Trend Spotting

    Video #2 – Offer Spying

    Video#3 – Keyword Research

    Video #4 – Market Analysis

    Video #5 – SEO Essentials

    Video #6 – Article Marketing

    Video #7 – Video Bouncing

    Video #8 – Social Network Marketing

    Video #9 – Social Media Marketing

    Video #10 – Conversational Marketing

    Video #11 – Buzz Marketing

    Video #12 – Viral Marketing

    Video #13 – Piggyback Marketing

    Paid Traffic Manual

    Video #14 – Google Adwords

    Video #15 – Google Content Network

    Video #16 – Facebook Social Ads

    Video #17 – PPV Advertising

    Video #18 – Outsourcing — How to pay someone as little as $5 an hour to do all of this stuff for you!!!

    Video #19 – Email BuysFound a profitable campaign? Here’s how to get in front of 5 million people.

    Video #20 – Youtube BuyingA recent discovery of mine and potentially the most powerful traffic method. Ever.

Weekly webinars &  Case Studies with Help Desk Q&A Google Sniper Coaching Call —

google sniper 3 weekly webinar
weekly webinar


For Google Sniper X Members get your Sniper sites reviewed, learn new strategies and get your questions answered.




The Bad Points:

1) The sales page has a bit of blind marketing. It doesn’t reveal the process and you really don’t know what the method is. It’s a good program. There just needs to be more details on the sales page.

2) There is a convoluted sales process. After your initial purchase, you’ll need to go through a few upsells promoting more products. Whether you choose to get these additional products is up to you.

You don’t need these upsells to make Google Sniper work… but they will be helpful and reduce your learning curve.

3) The program takes time to work. Google takes its time to rank sites these days. It is testing the legitimacy of these sites to see if people are trying to game the system. As long as you are consistent and patient, you will make money with Google Sniper.

Should You Get It?

As far as make money online methods go, Google Sniper is as good as they come. George Brown and the sniper method have been around for years so it’s legitimate and not a fly-by-night creator selling snake oil.
If you apply the system described in Google Sniper and spend time and effort tweaking and adding value to your site, it is inevitable that the method will work for you and create an online income for you.
You will be able to quit your day job and have financial freedom. These goals are definitely worth aiming for and Google Sniper will help you get there if you let it.

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